Apr 24, 2014

My lyme disease time table

I posted this list on Facebook last week.  These are all approximate timeframes, and this excludes the more detailed and/or contentious details.  But it was interesting to try to recount this sequencially.

Four years ago today, I got a tick bite near Paola Creek. And then I lived happily ever after. Thank goodness Montana doesn't have Lyme disease ; )

Time it took in woods that day to scare a moose: 3 hours

To escape angry moose: 12 seconds (through thick brush)

To pick up tick: probably same 12 seconds

To find tick: 6 more hours

To experience first symptoms: 1 or 2 weeks (chills, clenched jaw, neck pain)

To realize I was sick: 3 weeks (excruciating sore throat, then what I thought was an ear infection)

To experience partial facial paralysis: 4 weeks (bells palsy)

To be told tick bite could not be related: same day

To regain facial movement: 4 months from tick bite (3 months from paralysis)

To begin confusing doctors and becoming a human pin cushion: 5 months (from tick bite)

To be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and disallowed exercise: 6 months

To begin falling through legal cracks with my employer: 8 months

To dramatically lose health ground while fighting for my job: 10 months

To start getting harassed by federal attorneys: 10 months

To have to file an EEO complaint: 11 months

To become bed ridden: 12 months

To hire a lawyer: 12 months

To be forced into leave without pay: 13 months

To lose my job: 17 months

To begin investigation phase of EEO process: 18 months

To fly to DC to mediate with department of agriculture to get my job back: 20 months

To return to work: 21 months

To finally be able to pursue correct diagnosis: 29 months

To be diagnosed with Lyme disease: 34 months

To be well on my way to recovery: 38 months

To be fairly pain free and high functioning: 41 months

To start losing facial function due to work stress: 46 months

Return of facial pain, body pain, sound sensitivity and fatigue: 47 months

Today: 48 months

P.S. I know this is temporary. I will do whatever I need to to get back to where I was from month 41 to month 46, and then better. My recovery after I started treatment (after 3 years without treatment) was one of the BEST I've read about. And all of my friends and family and 90% of my colleagues have supported me to overwhelmingly beautiful extents. There are really amazing people in this world.